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Elected Officials

Rick Kessinger Rick Kessinger Assessor

Cindy Stein Cindy Stein Auditor

Leah Betts Leah Betts Collector of Revenue

Thomas R. Barr Thomas R. Barr Circuit Clerk

Shane Schoeller Shane Schoeller County Clerk

Bob Cirtin Bob Cirtin Presiding Commissioner

Harold Bengsch Harold Bengsch Commissioner 1st District

Roseann Bentley Roseann Bentley Commissioner 2nd District

Dan Patterson Dan Patterson Prosecuting Attorney

David Yancey David Yancey Public Administrator

Cheryl Dawson-Spaulding Cheryl Dawson-Spaulding Recorder of Deeds

Jim Arnott Jim Arnott Sheriff

Justin Hill Justin Hill Treasurer

Michael Cordonnier Michael Cordonnier Judge Division 1

David Jones David Jones Judge Division 2

Jason Brown Jason Brown Judge Division 3

Thomas E. Mountjoy Thomas E. Mountjoy Judge Division 4

Calvin Holden Calvin Holden Judge Division 5

Dan Imhof Dan Imhof Judge Division 21

Andy Hosmer Andy Hosmer Judge Division 23

Mark Powell Mark Powell Judge Division 24

Ron Carrier Ron Carrier Judge Division 26