Court Fees

Notice: All civil, domestic relations, and probated cases require filing either a non-domestic sheet or domestic sheet. ( Case Types or Party Types) If you file multiply cases, you must submit a separate check or money order for each case.

We accept cash, cashier's check, money order, business checks, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard in the Circuit Clerk's office.

Case TypeFiling Fee
Service (Per defendant)$35.00*
Associate Civil$48.00
Designated Circuit$100.00
Assoc. Judgment Debtor$15.00
Revival of Judgment - Associate$15.00
Small Claims$35.00
Landlord/Tenant $48.00
Posting per defendant $1.00
Trial De Novo$45.00
Notice of Appeal$70.00
Circuit Civil$100.00
Circuit Judgment Debtor$100.00
Revival of Judgment - Circuit$100.00
Civil/Domestic Publication$110.00
Family Court Access$132.00
Name Change$187.00
Notice of Appeal$70.00
Cert./Registered Mail Fee$9.50 ($10.00 beginning 8/1/11)
Mechanics Lien$5.00
Foster Child/Step-Parent Adoptions$308.00
Transfer of Custody & Adoption$408.00
Adult Adoption$208.00
Recognition of Foreign Adoption$208.00
Each additional child$30.00
Adoption Publication$95.00

* For service within Greene County - Sheriffs' Dept.

** For service outside Greene County you must contact the appropriate sheriff's department to determine service fee and pay that fee with a separate check payable to that department.