Welcome to the Greene County Clerk’s Election Information Page.

Polls open at 6:00AM and close at 7:00PM on election day.

On this page you can locate ballot information for an upcoming election, get unofficial up-to-the-minute election results on election night, get precinct-by-precinct information about recent elections, and access links to related sites.


Although we make every effort to keep the information found here accurate and up to date, it is subject to change and verification.  The County Clerk is the final authority for election information and policies in Greene County.


Request for Missouri Absentee Ballot

For registered voters who declare under penalty of perjury that they expect to be prevented from going to the polls due to a valid reason under Missouri law. All sections must be completed, including political party preference for primary elections. Applications are valid for the current election only.

Registration and Absentee Ballot Request - Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)

For military/federal service voters and overseas voters only. All sections must be completed, including political party preference for primary elections. Applications remain in effect for two general elections cycles (unless voter specifies a shorter period).

Voter Registration: The County Clerk is responsible for all voter registration activities in the county. There are more than 150,000 people registered to vote in Greene County. Several locations are designated as permanent voter registration sites, including schools, libraries, colleges and universities, city halls, and the historic courthouse (room 113). Call 868-4060 if you have any questions about voter registration.

Election Administration: The County Clerk is the election authority for the county and its political subdivisions, and is responsible for conducting all public elections. Regular elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April, August and November. Special elections may also be called in February or June by certain public entities. Two notices displaying sample ballots and polling locations are published in the local newspaper prior to each election. For more information about elections and voting, call 868-4055.

Tax Administration: The County Clerk is the liaison between the County Assessor, who determines the value of your personal and real property, and the Collector of Revenue who sends out the tax bills. It is the clerk’s responsibility to keep track of the tax rates levied by all of the county’s political subdivisions (school districts, cities, fire districts, etc). The Clerk also serves as the secretary to the Board of Equalization, to which taxpayers can appeal their property assessments.

Records Management: All official records of the Greene County Commission are retained by the County Clerk. Most of these records are stored at the Greene County Archives and Record Center (GCARC) along with those of several other county offices. Genealogists and other researchers are frequent visitors to the GCARC, located at 1126 Boonville. Call 868-4021 for more information about county records and the Archives.