C.E.R.T. Team

Cert Team

The Greene County Corrections Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) is an elite group of 26 officers. Each has passed special physical testing and evaluation to become a member of the team. They each volunteer their own time to train and be ready at a moments notice. The C.E.R.T. has a Commander, two squad leaders and is divided into four teams, each having a team leader, assistant and several members. Several are on duty each shift of every day.

A minimum of Ninety Six hours of annual, specialized training for each member includes, but is not limited to, prevention and handling of the following: Fire Response, Escape prevention and Capture, Disturbance Control, Bomb Control, Evacuation Procedure, Hostage Rescue, Mass Arrest, Protest Prevention and control, Hazardous Materials, Natural Disasters, Cell Extraction and Violent Offender transport and handling. Specialized Weaponry and Defensive Tactics training is regularly provided for this group.

CERT Officers

Co-operative training with other local, state and federal agencies is on-going annually in order to provide and receive assistance. Since C.E.R.T. was developed in 2000, staff and inmate injuries have been reduced significantly.