Juvenile Division Delinquency Unit Flow Chart

Delinquency Flow Chart

Intake and Case Assignment: Referrals are received from law enforcement agencies, schools, parents, victims, and concerned citizens. The case is initially reviewed by a Supervisor within the unit who assigns the referral to a Deputy Juvenile Officer for further investigation. The Legal Department may also assist the Deputy Juvenile Officer throughout the intake process.

Investigation: The Deputy Juvenile Officer assigned gathers case information by reviewing reports, interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects. The referring law enforcement agency may also be involved in the follow-up investigation.

Follow-up Investigation: The Deputy Juvenile Officer assigned will follow-up on any information received previously that could assist the Juvenile Officer with the investigation.

Screening and Assessment: The Deputy Juvenile Officer will gather information to assist in the completion of the Missouri Risk/Needs Assessment Instrument which will aid the Deputy Juvenile Officer in making case disposition.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Screening Instruments are also used to help Deputy Juvenile Officers identify potential needs for further mental health assessments and/or treatment for the youth.

Case Disposition: After reviewing the facts of the case, obtaining necessary assistance from the legal department, and considering the youth's risk/needs and other mental health screening instruments, the Deputy Juvenile Officer will determine whether the case should be handled in an informal or formal manner.