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Positive Behavior Incentives

youth of the week tree YOUTH OF THE WEEK TREE - Every Monday, the youth will write out three goals that they wish to achieve for that week while in the ERC. Every Friday, these goals are reviewed with the staff, and the staff picks out which youth has achieved their goals for the week and have demonstrated great behavior for the week. That youth will then be chosen for "Youth of the Week".

Youth of the week monthy tally

Youth of the week

Youth earn points for meeting behavior expectations, participating in program, and "going up a step" in the Juvenile MRT® program. When a youth earns at least 90% (18/20) of the possible points, they earn a stamp for that day. The stamp reward system, which is shown below, allows the youth to obtain treats or privileges in the program. The points that the youth earn are counted and included in the youth's court report that serve as an indication to the court regarding the youth's behavior and progress in the ERC program. The stamp reward system was designed by youth for what they thought were suitable incentives for earning their stamps

Stamp Reward System

Review on Monday during Goals Group and award for the coming week. 18 out of the 20 daily points equals stamp for that day (90%).

  • 1 Stamp

    • Hard Candy (2 Dum-Dums suckers, 2 Jolly Ranchers, 1 Laffy Taffy)
    • Left-overs from day before
    • Chocolate syrup for milk or ice cream
    • Butter on bread

  • 2 Stamps

    • Have food heated up in microwave for one day
    • Put up new brain teaser
    • Extra milk with dinner
    • Capri Sun
    • Bag of chips/cheez-its/pretzels/ chewy bar
    • Help prepare dinner for one day
    • Ice cream -1 scoop (dinner request only)
    • Italian Ice

  • 4 Stamps

    • Sports drink
    • Second portion of food without finishing plate
    • Receive alternative meal (cereal, PB&J, leftovers etc.)
    • Candy (Skittles, Starburst, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger etc)
    • Soda

  • 5 Stamps

    • Decide on dinner activity (crossword, hangman, current event, "would you rather", etc.)
    • Sit in soft chair for one day

  • 6 Stamps

    • 30 minutes of music time on computer

  • 8 Stamps

    • Sit in soft chair for one week

  • 10 Stamps

    • Supervise cleaning (youth assigns cleaning tasks and ensures they are completed)
    • Run a 30 minute group of your choosing with staff assistance (how to group, etc).

  • 15 Stamps

    • Assist staff with activities during week
    • Subway sub

  • Group Activities

    • One whole free day; use any time for fun activity (youth choice).

      All youth put in 5 stamps (must add up to at least 15 stamps).
    • Pizza- One night

      All youth put in 10 stamps (if not able, minimum of 7 per LOS).
    • 30 minutes of music on the computer

      All youth put in 5 stamps (minimum of 30 stamps).