Evening Reporting Center

Evening Reporting


Upon completion of the ERC program participants and their guardians are asked to complete an evaluation of the program. The captions below are taken from those evaluations.


"The ERC has helped me to get my grades up for school so I can prove to the courts that I'm making a change and willing to do my school work. The ERC showed me teamwork. I like how ERC pushes you to succeed in workouts, running, and life."

"ERC helped me get my homework done. They have designated time and an actual schedule. It helps a lot actually, at home, I couldn't do my homework, 'cause I was constantly bombarded with things to do..."

"The ERC has helped me because when I'm in here it keeps me out of trouble and not going places where I shouldn't be like my so called friend's. The hours are good so when your not in school your in here doing good instead of running off and not telling your mom where you are... makes me think a lot its way better than detention. I do a lot more better in here to tell the truth it keeps me away from a lot of bad things."

"ERC has helped me learn more ways to handle myself when stuff gets me angry or mad. It has also helped me to push through stuff when it hurts or gets tough and to finish strong. ERC has helped me to put all of the stuff I have learned into action and to use it to help me get the stuff that I have or need or want to do done. It has also helped me with my homework and my schooling. My physical health has improved since my being at ERC. ERC has helped me to be able to communicate with my staff and peers."

"ERC has been more helpful to me than anything else. It gives us a chance to stay out of detention. We don't spend our time doing non-sense for the most part. We have productive groups. We learn to deal with a lot of people that we do not like. I have staff that help me out with homework and coping skills over the weekend."


"(My child) is much more collected and calm. The program has opened up her eyes to reality"

"I'm very grateful, I hope we can continue the momentum at home."

"I wish I never had to experience the situation; but am extremely grateful that this program even exists for alternatives. The staff is great and from what my child said the program was really good. I love getting reports and feedback with the staff"

"Everything they have done for my family was a blessing"

"Hats off to our community and the leadership in ERC. I feel like they genuinely care about the future for these kids"

"I feel the ERC program is a great way to give extra structure to the children and a great aide in helping them to make better decisions."