Evening Reporting Center

Evening Reporting


Upon completion of the ERC program participants and their guardians are asked to complete an evaluation of the program. The captions below are taken from those evaluations.

Parent/Guardian Testimonials

"Gave us time together and learn other ways to communicate."

"The parent group has helped me to become aware of how I communicate with the child and more importantly, the child's feedback regarding our communication has made me aware of how he perceives said communication."

"He makes better choices in his friends, future and life in general. I feel he has matured in these past four weeks."

"It has allowed me to connect with my child on different levels in more ways."

"(My child) puts more effort into finishing what she starts. (My child) acts more respective of other's feelings. She tries to correct herself when she comes off the wrong way."

"He feels as if he is benefiting and learning how to control his temper and learn from his mistakes."

Participant Testimonials

"The family communication group, my family never really talk much and there's a lot of miscommunication and the family meetings really helped us communicate better."

"There are various ways to solve a problem. Think about how your decisions will affect everyone else."

"I learned a lot while here at ERC, but I learned the most from anger management on how to cope with my anger."

"The therapy (MRT), because it really helped me realize that I don't want to live my life like this and that I want to change."

"Without school it's hard to get a job. Having a baby is extremely expensive, for just one year too!"

"Anger management, it helped me think about my actions and how to control my anger."