About Us

We at Greene County Juvenile Division have committed ourselves to tailoring programs to specifically meet the needs of our female youth. While these girls have much in common with their male counterparts, they also have needs specific to them.

Mission Statement

Empowering our girls to discover & build on their strengths & passions to mature into productive jewels of our community.

Why do we need Gender Responsive Programming?

Girls once made up a small percentage of the youth in the juvenile system. That, however, is changing. The presence of girls in the system is growing and they now make up around 30% of all youth arrested (Ravoira & Lydia, 2010). Most current practices to address juveniles in the system were developed in response to males, but as the number of girls in the system continues to grow it is becoming more important to address the specific needs of our female youth.

Are girls and boys really that different?

The answer is yes and no. Many needs (e.g. supervision, drug/alcohol abuse counseling, tutoring, etc.) are similar, but others are different (e.g. boys commit higher rates of violent crimes, but girls are more likely to be arrested for status offenses). By looking at these similarities and differences it allows us to tailor our programming to best meet the needs of the youth we serve.


What are the needs of girls?

Many females who enter the system have a history of being abused. This adds an interesting dynamic because you have to not only address their current behavior, but also their past experiences. Many girls also have issues with low self-esteem, poor self-images, suicidal thoughts, or even trust due to feeling they are being forced to choose sides after parental divorces. Additionally, many girls have to cope with becoming single parents at a young age. In order to help prevent them from going further into the system or reoffending we at Greene County are working to address these needs.

Why not have specific programming for boys?

Most of the programming that exists for those in the juvenile system today has been made to fit the needs of males. Why is that? This is largely due to the fact that most programming has been made to fit the needs of the majority (i.e. males). Additionally, anytime you look at the specific needs of one gender you are forced to think of how you can better serve the other. It is the goal of Greene County that by serving our girls better we will be able to take a step back and think of how we can better serve our boys, as well.