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Recently some of the GEMS girls and staff were able to see the new Pixar movie "Brave", courtesy of Lela Penagides from LEAP into Leadership. Following this, they were able to speak with Dr. Anne Winkler, a wonderful physician who works with illnesses such as fibromyalgia. Below is a review written by one of the GEMS girls about her experience:


The movie Brave was about Merida who was a princess, which she detested. One day, her mother came to her and said she had to get a husband. Merida was furious. She wasn't ready to pick someone to spend the rest of her life with .She wanted to find love.

So one day she ran into the woods, after getting into an argument with her mom. She was led to the witches' house. The witch gave her a spell to give to her mom, in the form of a cake. This spell would change her mom. Little did she know it would change her into a bear.

After her mom turned into a bear, Merida ran back to the witches' house, but she was gone. She left a message on how to cancel the sell before it would be permanent. At last, her mom is change back into a human, completely changed. Merida was changed as well. Merida, at last, was allowed to choose whom she loved.

After the movie, we went to the Library. Dr. Anne Winkle, the guest speaker, talked about her life as a woman. Anne was one of the first women to study at medical school. She told us her story. Dr. Anne Winkler grew up in an all-girls' school, where she said, "I actually enjoyed it. There was no judgment." In the all-girls' school, they had to wear a uniform. This made everyone equal and everyone was treated the same way.

After high school, she went to medical school. She got her medical degree. Through her experience at medical school, she got married and tried to start a family. Finally she was blessed to conceive two children. She is now married with two children and working as a specialist. She is a woman who went through a lot to get where she is today. She followed her dreams. She was put down, and made to be not as good as men. Today, she is working higher than some men are.

This presentation taught me to reach for my dreams. I'm not going o let obstacles in my way to defeat me from chasing what an who I want tobe. I had a great time hearing bout Dr. Anne Winkler's life. She is a remarkable woman who followed her dreams.

I enjoyed the movie, and the speaker. Thank you so much for taking us out. You didn't have to, but you did and we were blessed to have people that want to do that. Thanks again!

Emma, 15