Women's Biographies

Florence Griffith

athelete I'm going to tell you about a very successful African American Woman named Florence Griffith Joyner. Her career started at the age of 7 when she began running track. As she got older, Florence began working very hard and set sprinting and long jump records in high school. She continued being very successful at her dream by winning competitions such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships, 400 meter dash in 1993, and she received a silver metal in the 200 meter dash at the Olympics. She was called a "Living Legend" by Patricia Rico, the USA Track and Field President. Florence began really making history in the Olympics when she repeatedly won the 100 meters, 200 meters, the 4X100 relay and a silver in the 4X400 relay. She ran three of the four fastest 100's and two fastest 200's recorded.

This woman worked very hard for her dreams to happen, and she did it because she loved what she did and believed in herself.

Courtney, F,15

Amelia Earhart

athelete * Born July 24, 1897 in Kansas

* In WWI she was a volunteer nurse

* Her dad gave her her first flight

* Her first plane was yellow and called the Canary

* On the "Friendship Flight" she was not allowed to fly the plane, only to ride in it.

* First woman to fly across the Atlantic

* Helped other ladies fly planes

* Took Eleanor Roosevelt on her first flight. Amelia and Eleanor were good friends.

* Wanted to fly around the world solo by circling the equator. In the end, she went with Fred Noonan.

* Their map was off by 5 miles

* She and Noonan were missing. 65 airplanes and 9 naval ships looked for them. This was the most expensive search for any Americans in history

Mary, F, 16

Susan B. Anthony

athelete * Born Feb. 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts

* Was raised as a Quaker

* Quakers believed women were equal. She believed it was like that everywhere.

* Quakers believed men and women needed education.

* Her teaching salary was ¼ of a man's salary

* Met Elizabeth Cady Stanton and together they worked to get women's rights.

* Susan was anti-slavery

* 14th amendment passed in Spring of 1964

Wanted to put women in the 14th amendment

* November 1, 1872, she and her sisters walked to the voting spot. She said that she could vote because she was a U.S. citizen. She registered and on November 5th, she voted. Many other women did, too. They were arrested for this.

* Her trial was June 17th, where she ignored the judge when he said that she should be quiet.

* Completed 108 lectures and 107 meetings by the age of 52

* Got Wisconsin to be the first state to allow ladies to vote.

* March 13, 1907 she died. 14 years later the 19th amendment (allowing women to vote) was passed.

Mary, F, 16