Service List

Greene County strives to better serve girls through groups available to them. These groups include treatments and circles ran by community partners (Alternative Opportunities and Missouri State University's Center for Dispute Resolution), as well as an internal group facilitated by trained staff for girls in the Greene County Juvenile Detention facility.

Community Based Services

Life of Unlimited Visions (L.U.V.)
provided through Alternative Opportunities


We are pleased to announce that the girls' drug treatment has been switched to the Carol Jones Recovery Center. There they receive Moral Reconation Therapy and Education, and have group process with programs such as Voices, a curriculum created to address the needs of girls. Parenting Class based on relationships is available for their parents on Tuesday evenings. Step-parents and partners are also welcome to attend.

Additionally, each girl receives individual counseling and creates a plan that they work on and update as they go through the program! Another plus for the Carol Jones Recovery Center is that each girl will receive individualized treatment! The above listed groups are available, but if it is decided that a girl/her family do not need a service then they will not be signed up for that group.

Networks for Girls
Provided through Missouri State University's Center for
Dispute Resolution


"Networks for Girls" is a diversionary program provided by the Center for Dispute Resolution (CDR) at Missouri State University, in partnership with the Greene County Juvenile Office and Programs for Youth. Networks for Girls provides services for adolescent girls in Greene County who have committed delinquent acts or offenses against their families. The program provides two services to help address the girls' offenses and provide support and education to reduce the likelihood they will reoffend.

First, program girls participate in a Family Group Conference (FGC) to address the offense or delinquent acts. The FGC's are facilitated by trained CDR volunteers and bring together the girls, their families, victims, and other community members to talk about the offense and its impact and to formulate a plan of action to repair the harm caused and prevent future offenses.

Next, the girls take part in the Girls Circle program, provided by Suzanne Stracke, Executive Director of Programs for Youth. This 8-week educational support group provides a safe space where girls can use authentic voices and comfortably absorb essential information relating to their social, emotional, and physical well-being as well as their family relationships. After graduating from the Girls Circle program, girls and their families meet again for a final Family Group Conference to discuss the girls' progress and make plans for the future.

Both the Family Group Conferencing and Girls Circle programs are model programs that have been proven effective at reducing juvenile crime. These programs are being combined in a unique way to meet the needs of girls in Greene County.

Referrals come from the Greene County Juvenile Office, which worked with the CDR to develop a program that could accommodate the needs of young female offenders and their families. The resulting program, Networks for Girls, addresses the unique context of female juvenile offenses and delinquency that emerge from, and often target, the juveniles own family and/or home environment.

For more information please contact the CDR at (417) 836-8831,, or

Funds are made available for this project through the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the Missouri Juvenile Justice Advisory Group from funding provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Internal Services



Girls face unique challenges every day. Sometimes they can begin to weigh on girls, and this is even truer of girls in detention. To help address this need, Greene County has created Inside-Out, a weekly group for girls being held in detention. During this time, they are able to meet with a trained facilitator to talk about topics that are relevant to them. This is meant to help girls cope with the stress of being detained, while also encouraging them to recognize the control they have in their own lives. This is done by utilizing a mix of Girls' Circle and Savvy Sister curriculum to discuss topics such as relationships, friendships, goal setting, or spirit.

Every girl who enters detention is eventually released. Inside-Out is intended to help girls better equip themselves with the tools they will need to remain out of detention and in the community.

I thought group was very fun. It's better than staying in your room for an hour. You do lots of fun things and you learn a lot from the stuff you do. K.R., 15