Women's History

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See how much you know about influential women throughout history and in the present!
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Women in History - The Biographies

Girls who are being served by Greene County are encouraged to identify significant women in history. They are then asked to write short biographies or fact sheets regarding these women that they are then able to share with others. To see these biographies, click here.

Did You Know These Numbers?

* $36,931 = The median annual earnings for women 15 or older who worked year-round, full time, in 2010, remained unchanged from 2009.

* 30.7 Million = Number of women 25 and older with a bachelor's degree or more in 2010, higher than the corresponding number for men (29.2 million). Women had a larger share of high school diplomas (including equivalents), as well as associates, bachelors and masters degrees. More men than women had a professional or doctoral degree.

* 11. Million = Number of college stuents in the fall of 2010 who were women.

* 5 Million = Number of stay-at-home mothers nationwide in 2010.

* 205,500 = Total number of active duty women in the military as of September 30, 2010.

* Of that number =

* 38,700 = were officers.

* 166,800 = were enlisted.

* 7.8 Million = The number of women owned businesses in 2007. nationwide in 2010.
Source: The U.S. Census Bureau

The Wage Gap-It Still Exists

According to the U.S. Women's Bureau and the National Committee on Pay Equity, women were only making 77% of what men made in 2009. This is a huge increase from 1967 when women only made 57.8% of what men were making, but I is still not equal pay. The National Women's Law Center suggests that during a lifetime of full-time work (47 years) this gap amounts to an estimated loss in wages for women of:

High School Graduates: $700,000

College Graduates: $1.2 million

Professional School Graduate: $2 million

Who Do You Look Up To?

Tell us who you would like to spotlight for Women's History Month and why you think they are so important. Who was/is this woman, and why is she influential for young people? She can be someone from history, or she could be a current role model. We might select your nomination to be spotlighted on the website!

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