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Staff Reflections

GEM's Softball Summer 2014

Being a coach for this group of GEM’S girls has truly been an amazing experience. It has been truly inspiring to watch each girl grow and become more confident throughout the season. By playing together each week, the girls became a team, learned how to have great sportsmanship, and learned what true team spirit means. The GEM’S team had an amazing support system, not only from the Juvenile Office staff but from the parents as well. Overall I believe this season was a huge success! I want to thank the girls for being involved and dedicated to this season and to the parents for being an amazing cheer section. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for each and every one of these girls!
Coach Courtney

Our first season of GEM’s softball with “A Sporting Chance” was a great success! The girls came into the season with open minds and were willing to work hard. Most of the girls had never played softball before, so they had to learn the rules of the game and how to play in two short practices. The beginning of the season proved to be challenging, but by the end of the season the girls worked well together as a team, had great sportsmanship, and were doing extremely well on the field. We were even complimented by the head of “A Sporting Chance” on how much we have improved. Other teams frequently told us how impressed they were with our batting. Every single girl has been such a great asset to the team and they all have improved more than I could’ve ever imagined! I would like to thank the girls for being so involved in the team and allowing me the opportunity to hit the field once again. I would also like to thank the parents who were so supportive and proudly cheered us on each game. It has been such a great season coaching the girls and I am looking forward to next season already!
Coach Catie
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Youth Reflections

Missouri State University Women’s Leadership Conference/Suit Yourself Boutique Shopping Trip

First, thank you for this amazing experience and thank you for the two new outfits that I will put to good use!
The people that were there to help shop were very helpful. It didn't take me very long to find anything to wear but the search was fun. It helped me experience business wear and what I could be dressing like in the future.
I learned that women are stronger than we may think and that we shouldn't hold back anything. Take positive chances and learn from your failures. Margaret Burd said "Think Big, Don't half way do something, if you do it, finish it." I liked that because everything is a learning experience and she was also my favorite speaker because she was funny!!
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Youth Reflections

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