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group Click here to view Review Archives The stories we hear and tell help reflect who we are. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find ones that best reflect girls and young women. In order to help change that, many of our young GEMS have begun watching movies and reading books to help pick ones that are GEMS Approved! Here you will find reviews written by girls, for girls.

The Golden Compass

The movie called, The Golden Compass, is about a special little girl named Lyra Belacqua. She was given a golden compass from one of the master's of her Uncle anmed Lord Asirel. When Lyria went to dinner with her Uncle, Lord Asriel, she met a woman named Mrs. Coulter. She told Lyra that she was going to go to the south pole soon to meet the King Bear and to see the Bear Kingdom. When Mrs. Coulter found out that Lyra was holding the golden compass in her possession, Mrs. Coulter tried o get it from her, but it was too late. Lyra had already jumped out of the window and was running away. While running she came to find her friend Billy's mother. As Billy's mother took her and her friends along with Lyra to heir ship, Lyra was getting help from the captain. When he asked her if she had forgotten anything or had something to show him and that's when she pulled out the golden compass from her bag. She had asked him how it works then he showed her. When they were out on the snow in their tents she went up to her polar bear friend named Lorek and asked him if he could take her to this old abandoned place and when they got there she found Billy hiding under a bag waiting for help. By the time they got back to the tents Billy's mother came running out so happy to see him. She took him then they were attacked by other people whom didn't speak English. They took Lyra with them, then they took the bag off her head when they got o the bear kingdom. She told the king bear that she was Lorek's demon and that in order for him to have her he had to win a fight with Lorek. By the time Lorek had gotten there she told him what she had done and Lorek accepted the battle. The king had beaten everything out of Lorek until Lorek got the courage to hit the king in the face and blow his jaw off, then bit him on the neck and shoved him to the ground. Lorek had won the battle and now Lyra was on her way to go save her father. Will she make it in time to save him? Does she get killed? Who are her parents? Wanna know more? Then watch the movie The Golden Compass!