Sexually Harmful Youth Management Assessment & Treatment

Cases involving youth referred to the Greene County Juvenile Office for their alleged involvement in a sexual offense are handled by Deputy Juvenile Officers. These officers specialize in the case management of youth, referred to as sexually harmful youth "SHY". These youth receive intervention, treatment and supervision services specific to their risk level and individual needs.

Case management and services for Sexually Harmful Youth referred to the Greene County Juvenile Office has seen improvement over the past few years. These youth and their families receive specialized services due to the risk level the youth may pose to the community. The Juvenile Office provides early intervention to prevent future sexual harm.

One of the most important factors in success of youth in treatment for sexually harmful behavior is support (familial and community). An ongoing focus among the Sexually Harmful Youth Management, Assessment and Treatment team is to continue to improve our Informed Supervision program. Informed Supervision is an educational program for parents, family, care givers, and other community supports for youth under supervision with the Juvenile Court for a sexual offense. It is an opportunity for the Juvenile Office staff and a community based treatment provider to speak with those responsible for the daily supervision of juveniles with abusive behavior.

Informed Supervision discusses expectations for those who supervise a sexually harmful youth. It provides the participants with a better understanding of the court process, management, and treatment of sexually harmful youth. Informed Supervision provides support to the families and aids in the recognition of the cycles of abuse so they can be stopped. To see what is discussed in Informed Supervision, please click here. Informed Supervisors who complete the course are asked to complete an Informed Supervision Agreement to illustrate their understanding of the course material as it pertains to the youth they will supervise.

Any community based treatment requires on-going risk assessment and management. Youth wishing to participate in activities in the community are required to complete a safety plan, approved by a probation officer and their counselor. All youth under community based supervision will be required to complete a comprehensive relapse prevention plan, example.

We have developed a probation classification matrix specifically for the Sexually Harmful Youth Management, Assessment & Treatment program. We recognize that when children and their families come to the Juvenile Court, after a youth committed a sexual offense, it is often one of the most traumatic and intimidating events the family has ever encountered. There is a vast amount of information we hope the family retains during the first few meetings with a Deputy Juvenile Officer or Probation Officer. The youth, their parents, and even the victims want to know when things will be back to normal. This question can be addressed with the classification matrix. It identifies several key steps and goals that must be attained in order to earn privileges back, complete probation, and return to a new sense of normal.