Parent Testimonials

Staff Meetings

"It has helped me by getting to know my child's problems more and understand him better."

"Assisted me in progress & needs for improveement."

"Everyone was there when or if needed. Genuine concern shown, not 'just a job' type situation."

Behavior Change

"He is much more respectful and follows rules more efficently."

"More responsible. Kept him more focused in school grades. Helped him realize how breaking rules come with consequences. Curfew keeps him responsible. Community service great for him."

"He knows the right steps & resources. Got his GED and a job, doing great!"

Overall Feelings

"I think that they did all they could to help and they did a good job."

"Felt all staff were concerned with my child's well being and his future success. Counseling was good for family success and environment. Having tracker kept child aware of check-ins at anytime insuring curfew was being followed."

"Amazed! Thankful to all who have contributed to him becoming the man that he is."

"Thankful for all the support they gave us!"

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