What I've Learned

"I have learned to except my consequences without arguing and trying to fight authority."

"During my stay at GCYA I have learned how to give respect even if. By doing so I have become more respectful towards staff and peers."

"This place has motivated me to do good in life now and stay out of trouble so I can stay home with my family."

"I have grown in the program by talking and showing my emotions to my family and friend. Thats what I really needed the most is to be understood by other people."

"GCYA has taught me how to face my challenges and get around them without causing harm or consequences."

"Through my time in the program I have learned what it takes to follow rules and expectations. I have become more of a man."

"When I was coming clean I thought I will have no friends, but I also knew that I'd rather have no friends at all and be clean than have friends who will only harm me."

"My family trusts me now and we are growing and breaking out of insecurities."