Youth Testimonials

"Being in GCYA 12 hours a day for 4 and a half months has really made me be patient and to control my anger that I have. I think I have become a lot more disciplined while I have been in GCYA. I understand myself and know what happens when I put myself in bad situations and it never ends well." -16 year old male youth

"I have learned so much in the last few months, and I have grown and matured. I have learned a lot of things, but the most important thing I have learned throughout my time is that honesty is the best policy...I realized that if I didn't start trying, then I would end up failing myself and my family again and it would be a long road." -16 year old female youth

"I plan on going to college and hopefully farther than that. I don't want some more stupid decisions to mess any of that up for me, so I want to thank the Greene County Youth Academy and Greene County for the chance to straighten myself up before it was too late for me." -15 year old male youth

"I have been six months clean from substances and learned the harm of what all of the drugs can do to your body. I have also realized that what I did was wrong...the programs I have been through have helped me so I could live on my own in the future." -15 year old male youth

"I think about the amount of time I've been with GCYA, and I recognize now that the biggest favor they ever did me was pulling me out of my everyday life and forcing me to be on the other side of things. Instead of being the needy one, I was helping the community. Rather than smoking and taking pills, I was the one preaching to my younger brother and my friends about the consequences and the entrapment of thinking in that way. I wasn't trying to prove my probation officer and counselor wrong, I was looking for their advice. Instead of hiding from my father and sneaking around, I was looking to further our relationship...sometimes you have to uproot things to find the source of a problem." -17 year old female youth

"While I was in the program of GCYA, I learned how to respect people even if I didn't like them or want to be there in the same building as them. I learned what to look for in a person before getting close to them and becoming friends, that way I don't get into the wrong crowd again." -15 year old male youth

"I thought it was challenging the whole way through the program, but I feel like I tried hard the whole way through...I also made a lot of mistakes in the program, and the way my treatment team dealt with those mistakes was what I really needed to learn from those mistakes. I'm thankful for everything this program has done for me, and I wanna let the staff know they are making a difference for their youth." -15 year old male youth