2009 Highlights

In-Home Services

  • The Senior Tax provided for over 47,000 hours of Home Maker Services, Personal Care, Respite Care, Home Safety and Special Needs. These resources, as well as Personal Emergency Alert systems for 41 qualified seniors were distributed by the Southwest Missouri Office on Aging (SWMOA).
  • A grant to CoxHealth Foundation also covered the delivery of Life Alert systems to 40 participants.

Meals and Food Programs

  • Over 98,000 meals were delivered to a total of 871 Greene County Seniors through SWMOA. This is often a critical service enabling many seniors to remain in their homes.
  • With increased funding provided by the Senior Tax, The Salvation Army was able to increase food pantry services to seniors by 15%.
  • Food needs of 158 individuals were met through The Kitchen via Franciscan Villa.

Medical and Health

  • The Shingles Education Program was presented by the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to approximately 1,100 Greene County seniors with some 450 vaccinations being administered. During these presentations, information was delivered on other vaccines as well as emergency preparedness for older Americans.
  • Funds were provided through SWMOA for dental, vision and hearing needs. In addition, funding was granted to SWMOA for foot care clinics, primarily at Greene County Senior Centers.

Senior Centers

The Senior Tax assisted Greene County's senior centers by providing a number of items to help them carry out their services. These included items such as:

  • dessert coolers
  • food pantries
  • ice machines
  • cabinets
  • meat slicers
  • sprinklers for fire safety

Home Safety and Repairs

United Way Hands on For Seniors Presentation


  • In 2009, a grant was awarded to OATS for senior transportation. A total of 26,395 trips were paid for through OATS, including weekly trips to the Missouri Veterans Home in Mt. Vernon so relatives could visit loved ones in that facility.
  • Funds were also provided for emergency taxi trips for qualified seniors through SWMOA.
  • A grant award to St. John's Foundation provides for driver testing for seniors in order to determine if they can still safely operate a car. In some cases, seniors undergo training to overcome physical disabilities and regain their driver's licenses.

Legal Services

A grant to Legal Services of Southern Missouri provided 1,475 hours of legal services or representation. They also provided training sessions on legal rights for seniors.