Business Licenses




   If you are opening a business in Greene County, there may be several licenses that you will need to purchase. Please click on any that apply to your business.


Merchant License

Fill out and print Application


   The cost of a merchant license is $25.00 annually. An application can be filled out on this site, printed on your printer, and mailed to the Collector's office; you may also obtain an application in the office of the County Collector.

  Every person, corporation, partnership or association of persons who deals as a merchant at a location within Greene County is required to obtain a county merchant license. If the merchant has multiple business locations, a separate license is required for each location. The license is in addition to, not in lieu of, any other federal, state or local licensing requirements.

   A merchant is any person, corporation, partnership or association of persons who engages in the sale of goods, wares and merchandise at wholesale or retail. The sales may be made for profit or they may be accommodation sales (not for profit); they may be made from a stock of goods on hand or by ordering goods from another source.

     A strictly "service" business is not required to have a merchant license. However, many service businesses are also merchants and therefore need a merchant license. Here are a few examples:

  •    A lawn care business which supplies the fertilizer it uses.

  •    A handyman who supplies the parts needed to do the repairs.

  •    A photographer who sells prints.

  •    A plumber who supplies parts.

  •    A landscaper who provides the plants.

   State Law requires the merchant license applicant, as a part of his merchant license application, to provide his state sales tax number or a sales tax exemption statement from the Sales Tax Division of the Missouri Department of Revenue.


Auctioneer's License


   An auctioneer license application can be obtained in the Greene County Clerk's office, room 113 of the Greene County Courthouse. For additional information call the County Clerk's office at 417-868-4055


Liquor Licenses


   State Liquor License:

     Truman State Office Bldg, 8th Floor, P.O. Box 837

Jefferson City MO, 65102  (573) 751-2333

   County Liquor License:

Greene County Clerk, Greene County Courthouse

(417) 868-4055

   City Liquor License:

Check with the city in which you will operate for their requirements.


City Business License


   Each city or town in which you operate might have additional licensing laws. Click here for the municipalities in Greene County.


State Sales Tax License


   The Missouri Department of Revenue administers sales tax licensing. The Greene County branch office which provides sales tax information is located in the State Office Building on Park Central Square in Springfield. Their phone number is

(417) 895-6474