Online Payment Overview    


An official receipt to be used for vehicle licensing will be emailed to you the next business day following the date of your payment.

Method of Payment:     The only means for an online payment is your checking account, commonly called the E-Check method. The reason is that there is no service charge or extra fee for using this method.

The Process

Make Your List:     You make a list by entering the Tax ID, the PIN and clicking the add to list button. Repeat until you have included all the statements you intend to pay. The list can consist of as few as one statement and as many as ten accounts for a single transaction list. Click continue when your list is complete.

Review Your Entries:     You simply double check the list to be sure it consists of the accounts you intend to pay.

Enter Your Bank Information, Daytime Phone Number, and E-mail Address:     All of the information is vital. The phone number and e-mail address allow us to contact you should there be a problem with your payment.

For Your Records:     Be sure to print a copy of the confirmation page for your records. This will serve as an easy reference should you have any questions about your payment.