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The questions and answers provided below are for informational purposes only and you should consult with an attorney for any legal advice. The Greene County Collector may not give legal advice and this information is not provided as such.

Does Greene County sell properties which have delinquent taxes due?

   Yes. The properties are auctioned once each year, on the fourth Monday in August; see RSMO 140.150.

Who is eligible to bid on tax-sale properties?

   If you are a Missouri resident, at least 18 years of age, and you provide the collector with an affidavit attesting that you owe no delinquent property taxes, then you are eligible to bid; the affidavit can be downloaded from this website. If you want to bid at the tax-sale you should complete the bidder affidavit, have your signature notarized, and bring this affidavit with you on the morning of the sale. You will be required to present your Missouri driver's license or Missouri identification card, on the morning of the sale. Non-Missouri residents have additional requirements; see RSMO 140.190.

What properties are subject to sale at the tax-sale?

   All lands and lots on which taxes are delinquent and unpaid are subject to sale. In most Missouri counties, including Greene County, properties are offered when taxes are more than one year delinquent on April 30th and have not been paid in full by the day of the sale; see RSMO 140.150 and 140.160.

How many properties are offered at the Greene County tax-sale?

   In a typical year there will be approximately fifty properties offered for sale. Approximately 300 properties are normally advertised in the first newspaper publication, but most will have paid their taxes by the date of the sale.

How do I get a list of properties which will be offered?

   Properties will be advertised for three consecutive Wednesdays, in the legal notices section of the "Springfield News-Leader." The first ad will run 33 days prior to the day of the sale, the second ad will run 26 days prior to the day of the sale, and the third ad will run 19 days prior to the day of the sale. The list will also be available on this web site upon publication of the first ad, and will be available in the Collector's office during the week immediately preceding the sale; see RSMO 140.170.

Do I need to register to become a bidder at the tax-sale?

   Yes. Registration begins at 8:00 A.M. the morning of the sale. Registration will be held in the Collector's office, room 110 of the Greene County Courthouse, 940 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, Mo. Be sure to complete the bidder affidavit which is available on this website, have it notarized (most banks offer notary service for their customers), and bring it with you on the date of the sale. Completing the bidder affidavit in advance will make the sign-up process fast and easy; see RSMO 140.190.

How do I buy tax-sale properties?

   The sale is a public auction. The properties will be offered in the order in which they appear in the newspaper publication. The minimum acceptable bid will be the amount of taxes and sale expenses due for the property. There is no upper limit on the amount which can be bid, and the highest bidder wins. The bidder, or his legally designated representative, must be present to participate; see RSMO 140.170.

When and where is your tax-sale held?

   It begins at 10:00 A.M. on the fourth Monday in August each year. The sale is held in room 212 of the Greene County Courthouse, 940 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, Mo; see RSMO 140.150 and 140.170.

When am I required to pay, if I am the successful bidder?

   If you are a successful bidder, your payment will be due within two hours after all properties have been offered. Generally, all properties will have been offered by 12:00 Noon.

What form of payment is required of the successful bidder?

Cashier's check or money-order are the only forms of payment accepted. Cash will
not be accepted.

Where do I pay for my purchase, if I am the successful bidder?

   Payments are taken in the Collector's office, room 108 of the Greene County Courthouse. Please have the paperwork from the sale handy, so that the cashier will know for which property you are paying.

Do I become the owner of the property immediately or is there a waiting period?

   There is a waiting period (redemption period), during which time the owner of the property can redeem (buy back) your interest in the property by paying to the Collector the amount of your original investment, any subsequent taxes you have paid, plus interest. This redemption money will be paid to you by the Collector, in exchange for your certificate of purchase; see RSMO 140.340. The redemption period for a certificate of purchase is a one year period beginning the day following the date of the sale and ending on the first anniversary date of the sale. The 90 day notice required by RSMO 140.405 must be sent at least 90 days prior to first anniversary date of the sale according to the Missouri Supreme Court decisions Sneil, LLC vs. TYBE Learning Center and Harpagon MO, LLC vs. Edward L. Bosch and Nancy Z. Bosch, et al.

What is a certificate of purchase?

   The certificate of purchase is the document the tax-sale purchaser receives as evidence of his interest in the property. Please do not lose this important document. If you purchase a property at the tax-sale you should read the certificate of purchase when you receive it. There is important information in this document with which you should be familiar; see RSMO 140.290 and see the sample certificate of purchase.

When can the tax-sale purchaser take possession of the property?

   Possession prior to receiving a deed is described in RSMO 140.310. It is recommended that you consult with your attorney before attempting to enforce any rights granted to you under this section of the statutes.

What rate of interest do I earn on my investment if the property is redeemed?

   If your purchase is redeemed, the tax & costs portion of your original investment will earn simple interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum. No interest will be paid on that portion of the investment which is in excess of the taxes & costs. Any subsequent taxes that you pay will earn simple interest at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum; see RSMO 140.340.

How do I get a Collector's deed for the property?

   Before you are eligible to receive a Collector's deed you must follow the procedures described in RSMO 140.405. This statute is confusing to most people so it is recommended that you consult an attorney to be sure you comply with this statute. Neither the Collector nor the employees of the Collector's office are allowed to provide legal advice. Please consult your attorney.